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TSTT 1.38 Patrick Tape Fleming: Gloom Balloon

September 5, 2017

Patrick Tape Fleming joins us on today's episode. Patrick is a muscian, husband and father. We learn about how Parick got into music, playing baseball at DMACC, and his first band The Canadian Wheatlords. Patrick also tells us about playing in Pookey Bleum, starting Bi-Fi Records, his other band The Poison Control Center, and how Gloom Balloon got started and their new album "Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom, Underneath the Stars and the Moon", Out Now.

Intro Music: "Drying The Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom" by Gloom Balloon

Patrick's Bands: Gloom Balloon, The Poison Control Center, Pookey Bleum, and The Canadian Wheatlords

Produced by: Ben Wiedenhoeft

Hosted by: Jacob King

Art: Jon Rohlf

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