The Story to Tell Podcast

TSTT 1.25 Be Kind, Rewind

June 6, 2017

This week on The Story To Tell, we look back at some of our favorite moments from the past 25 episodes, as well as a super cut of Top Ten list titles! Over the past year, we've had almost 8000 downloads, from over 10 countries ans 40 states! Thank you so much for all the love!


Matthew, Ep 3

Christina, Ep 7

Tim, Ep 17

Joni, Ep 21


Top Ten Lists:

  1. Ben and Sarah: Top Ten Ways to Turn a Bachelor Pad Into a Maxi Pad
  2. Michael Davis: Ten Things I Remind Myself Everyday
  3. Matthew Smith: Top Ten Ways To Be a Good Entrepreneur
  4. Myles Anderson: Top Ten Ways to Stay Single In College
  5. Mark Newton: Top Ten Pranks I’ve Been a Part Of
  6. Isaac Taylor: Top Ten Things You Learn While Living Abroad
  7. Christina Nichols: My Top Ten Grievances
  8. Christina Nichols: My Top Ten Grievances
  9. Jonathan & Jessica VM: Our Top Ten “Remember When…”
  10. Noah Gildermaster: Ten Tips for Auditions
  11. Joe Summers: Top Ten Things I Missed About Iowa
  12. Alex Arthur: Top 5 Songs I’ve Written and Never Released
  13. Tyler Johnson: Top Ten Things I’ve Loved at Some Point in My Life
  14. Adam Reineke: Top Ten Things You'll Experience on a Motorcycle
  15. Kyle Thomas: Top Ten Random Thoughts: Original & Stolen
  16. Kaylee Humphrey: Top Ten Things I’ve Been Obsessed With
  17. Tim Davis: Top Random Facts About Me
  18. Patrick Watertor: Top Things to Know When Marrying an International Person
  19. Jared Stansbury: Moments that Shaped Me
  20. Allyce Helton: Top Ten Favorite Movies (Subject to Change)
  21. Joni King and Mary Wiedenhoeft: Things Mothers Should Teach Their Kids
  22. Dustin Murrell: Top Ten Brad Pitt Movies
  23. Dustin Murrell: Top Ten Brad Pitt Movies
  24. Bellamy Kim: Top Ten *NSYNC Songs


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Hosted by: Jacob King

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