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TSTT 1.21 Joni King & Mary Wiedenhoeft: A Mother’s Day Special

May 9, 2017

In honor of Mother's Day we decided to have our Mothers join us for a talk about what it means to be a Mom. Joni King is a Stay at Home Daycare Provider, is married to Jeff, has three children, and somehow survived Jacob showing up at home in Skinny Jeans in High School. Mary Wiedenhoeft is an Agronomy professor, is married to Glenn, has two children, and put up with Ben not getting a hair cut for years.

Walk-Up Song: US Hwy 30 by Atombender

Top Ten List: Things Mothers Should Teach Their Kids

Thanks to Jon Rohlf for the artwork!

Produced by: Ben Wiedenhoeft

Hosted by: Jacob King

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