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TSTT 1.13 Tyler Johnson: Monkeys Are Cool

March 14, 2017

Tyler Johnson joins us on today's episode. Tyler talks to us about growing up in small town Iowa. He tells us about how he got into music, his first instrument he learned, and all the bands he had been in over the years. We also read through some of Tyler's tweets, hear about his love of monkeys, playing golf, and learning about conspiracy theories.

Intro Song: "Secrets" by State Champs

Top Ten List: Top 10 things I've Loved at Some Point in my Life

1. State Champs

2. Monkeys

3. The colors black & White

4. NBA (Pro Sports)

5. Apple Products

6. Conspiracy Theories

7. Tacos

8. Sprite

9. Golfing

10. Ping Pong

Songs Tyler Recommends from Bands he's been in:

Keep & Confess - My Friends Over You (cover)

Classic in the Making - You're the One

Ghosthive - Born in the Fryer

Ghosthive - Farrar Schoolhouse session

Twitter: @TylerRandal @Ghosthive_

Instagram: @TyJohn

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