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TSTT 1.12 Alex Arthur: Producer at Heart

March 7, 2017

Music Producer Alex Arthur, joins Ben & Jacob on this episode. Alex talks to us about growing up in Ames, skateboarding, hiding CD's from his parents, how he got into metal music, and being involved in music ever since in many different ways. Alex also gives us all an exclusive listen at some of his unreleased songs that he has written over the years.

Intro Song: "Antidote" by Travis Scott

Top Ten List: Top 5 Unreleased songs I've Written

1. Heavy Mix 1

2. Untitled Country Song

3. Love of Mystery

4. Away

5. Home Wit Me

Outro Song: "Dear Reaper" by The Still Sound

Recorded on location at Alex's studio.

Find Alex and his music on

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Photo Credit to Joseph Farrell

Alex volunteered with Save-A-Bull Rescue